IX Foreword

X Preface

XII Acknowledgments

1 Introduction

The Point and the Premise / Exclusive Focus on the Jewish Scriptures / Mesorah, the Integral Nature of the Oral Tradition / Not All Violence in Scripture Is Endorsed by the Divine / The Importance of Acknowledging a Spiritual Reality / The Verses Covered Are Comprehensive,
but Not Totally Exhaustive / An In-Depth Explanation of the Concepts of Peace and Mercy / Explanations and Reasons—a Limited Endeavor

15 Chapter One: Do the Scriptures Support Unwarranted Violence?

I: National Violence / II: Individual Violence / III: The Death Penalty and Other Punishments / Summary

59 Chapter Two: Violence Carried Out or Ordered by God

I: The Nature of God / II: God Punishing the Jewish People as a Nation for Disobedience / III: Violence Not Related to Punishment of the Jewish People / Summary

81 Chapter Three: Does Scripture Encourage Barbaric and Backward Practices?

I: Animals / II: Women’s Issues / III: Slavery / IV: The Chosen People / Summary

144 Chapter 4: The Superiority of a Biblically Based Morality

I: Natural Law according to Judaism / II: Scientific Naturalism/Materialism / III: Individual
(Personal) Advantages to Divine Morality / IV:  Societal Advantages to Divine Morality /
V: Holiness—beyond Ethics / VI: Religious Motivation for Ethics / VII: Conclusion/Summary

193 Epilogue

195 Appendix A: A Critical Examination of Arguments Offered by Gay Activists

203 Appendix B: Philosophical Advantages to Divine-Based Morality

I: The Euthyphro Dilemma / II: Other Philosophical Objections to Divine Command Theory (DCT) / III: Secular Attempts at Objective Morality Independent of God

249 Appendix C: Loose Ends

Why Non-Biblical Justifications for Violence Are Irrelevant in This Book / A Justification for Biblical Violence, not a Promotion for Post-Biblical Violence / Many Interpretations to Choose From, but Who Has the Advantage? / Is Belief in God Escapism?


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