Haskama: Rabbi Zev Leff

Dear Friends,

I have read portions of the book “Is the Good Book Bad?” by Michel Stern.

The book, as its subtitle relates, is “A traditional Jewish response to the moral indictments of the Bible.” Our sages enjoin us “to know how to answer the heretic” many times. This is not in order to convince the heretic, as people are often blinded by their subjective positions and not open to discussion, persuasion, or proofs. Rather, the purpose is to strengthen one’s own faith and belief by exposing the falseness of the various challenges of the heretics.

The author presents the various challenges that are made that question the morality of the Torah vis a vis the politically correct morality of the secular world, and he answers them in an extremely effective manner.

The sources he quotes, both in presentation of the challenges and in his presentation of the Torah sources in rebuttal, are extremely impressive, and his vast scholarship in both areas is evident.

His responses are not apologetics, as the Torah needs not to apologize as it is G-d’s word, but rather instructive, revealing the fallacies and often ignorance that the challenges are based on.

I found this work enlightening, informative, and interesting, and recommend it to all who are aware of these attacks on the Torah and need strengthening, as well as to those who come in contact with and are in a position to influence those who seek answers to these challenges, that sometimes serve as an impediment for them to embrace a Torah lifestyle.

I commend the author for a truly quality presentation. I pray that Hashem bless him and his family with life, health and the wherewithal to continue to merit the community with further Torah works.


With Torah blessings

Rabbi Zev Leff

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Haskama: Rabbi Zev Leff

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